T6.3 XL Air C

£369.99 (recommended retail price)
Tente T6.3 XL Air B
6 people looking for a FAMILY TENT with 3 rooms that is comfortable in hot weather and keeps insects out.
6 people, 3 rooms, 1 XL living room, lots of vents.

Capacity = 10.5 m² living area + permanent canopy, H 210 cm. 3 large rooms (160 x 230 cm).

Ease of use = Same as T6.3 XL + 1 large closable air vent per room. Mosquito net door.

Waterproofing = Laboratory approved (whole tent under 200 litres/hr/m²!) and field tested.
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Living area :
Huge (10.5 m² / 2.10 m in height), Plenty of space for 6 people as well as storing belongings to either side of the rooms
- Permanent canopy = no need to assemble and remove a canopy several times a day (rain, lack of rain...), front that can be partially or fully opened, even if it rains
- Rising groundsheet to prevent water trickling in from the outside. This groundsheet can be removed.

Room :
3 superior rooms with a width of 1.60 m and length of 2.30 m (without a lot of headroom)
- Breathable polyester
- 8 interior pockets + 4 external pockets for each room.

Waterproofing :
As with all Quechua tents, a lot of work is put in to ensuring they are watertight, through laboratory testing (an ENTIRE TENT is put through 200 litres/hr/sq m!) and field testing
- PU-coated polyester flysheet
- Seams are sealed with thermo-bonded tape
- 140 g/sq m polypropylene groundsheet.

Ventilation and condensation reduction :
This tent is very pleasant even in hot weather during the day or night because it has plenty of ventilation
- Large lined flysheet
- 1 large ventilaton panel for each room, that is easily closed from inside or outside
- No feeling of being closed in with views of the outside through 5 windows.

Protection from insects :
- The whole of the tent is protected from insects: Double door with mosquito net for the main door and the doors to the room
- Mosquito netting on the edge of the flysheet, letting air through but preventing mosquitoes getting in.

Poles :
- Structure that is very stable and sturdy: 12.7 mm diameter glass fibre poles (with 11 mm ones for the rooms).
- All the fibre poles are quality tested twice to ensure the best possible resistance to breaking.

Pegs : Excellent resistance to twisting (6 mm diameter steel).

Pitching :
- Standard way, starting with the dome-shaped living area
- Pitching video available on www.quechua.com.

Warranty and After-sales service :
- Guaranteed for 2 years under normal conditions of use
- Every Decathlon store will carry out the after-sales servicing of your tent by replacing faulty parts under guarantee or those you have damaged (for payment) on the flysheet, inner tent, pole rings or carry bag. When a replacement cannot be done, a repair will be suggested.


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